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Enhance Your Matcha Ritual with Premium Accessories. Discover a Selection of Bowls, Whisks, and Holders for the Ultimate Matcha Experience

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More About Matcha Accessories

Dive into the world of matcha with our Matcha Accessories collection, where tradition meets quality in every piece. Our range includes ceramic and glass matcha bowls, bamboo matcha whisks, and whisk holders, each carefully selected to enhance your matcha experience. Crafted by skilled artisans in Japan using the revered Minoyaki pottery techniques, our ceramic bowls are not just functional; they're masterpieces that celebrate the beauty and precision of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Elevate Your Matcha Ritual

  • Ceramic Matcha Bowls: Discover our variety of ceramic matcha bowls, including the elegant matcha bowl with spout, designed for ease of use and a perfect pour every time. Each matcha green tea bowl is a testament to the art of Minoyaki pottery, offering both beauty and functionality. Choose from our selection, including the vibrant pink matcha bowl, glass matcha bowl with spout or the classic ceramic handmade matcha bowls.
  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk: Our bamboo whisks for matcha tea are key for making perfect froth, designed to make creating smooth, frothy matcha easy
  • Matcha Whisk Holders: To maintain the shape and longevity of your whisk, explore our ceramic matcha whisk holders. These holders are not only practical, ensuring your whisk dries properly and maintains its shape, but they also add a touch of elegance to your matcha setup.

Handcrafted Quality

All our items are handcrafted and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality. Our matcha bowls made in Japan, embody the spirit of traditional Japanese tea culture, while our matcha whisks provide the perfect tool for whisking up your favorite green tea. With matcha bowl and whisk sets available, you can easily get everything you need to start or enhance your matcha journey.