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About Us

Hello and welcome to our small matcha corner of the internet! We discovered this bright green superfood packed with antioxidants and nutrients, plus all of its incredible benefits completely by accident. Our matcha journey began in early 2017 when my (then pregnant) wife and I went on vacation to Japan. We were curious about the overall healthy and happy way of life of its people, so we decided to travel deeper into the countryside to find out more about Japanese traditions. After a long day of exhausting travel, we stopped in a small village to stay the night with a Japanese family. My wife loves caffeine, but due to her pregnancy she was advised not to drink coffee. And that’s when we had our first cup of Matcha tea! We learned that the owner and his family grew and produced Matcha for more than 800 years, informing us of its reduced caffeine and most importantly: that it was safe to drink with a baby in her belly.

From that moment on, we were hooked. Over the next few days, we learned all about it, such as where the best Matcha leaves grow, what season it’s harvested and the exact part of the plant it’s picked. He showed us how to prepare it traditionally and ways to add it into our favorite recipes, such as ice cream. After our trip, we still had Matcha on our minds, but realized that high-quality Matcha was extremely expensive, and lower-grade matcha was bitter to the taste and lacked the signature bright green color. From that moment, we decided if we wanted the Matcha we first experienced, we’d have to make it ourselves.

We went straight back to our Japanese friend where our Matcha passion first began and from there created our business partnership. Without a middleman to drive up the costs of production and a peace of mind knowing we support a family-run business with generations of knowledge and expertise, we’re able to get exceptional matcha at an affordable price.

We no longer drink coffee and instead drink Matcha daily, while constantly coming up with our own recipes like baked goods and adding it to smoothies. It was especially a life-saver after long nights of no sleep with a crying infant, offering a gentle coast of energy with no crash. We’ve noticed the difference in our health, focus and mental clarity since day one and have made it our mission to share our secret to the healthy and improved lifestyle that changed our world!