Kohiki Pink Sakura Matcha Bowl

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The matcha bowl is made from white clay and has a traditional Japanese Manyou-sakura pattern on its surface.

Handcrafted in Japan.

This matcha bowl measures 5.1 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall.

Our bowls production started 1400 years ago and are still a part of people’s everyday lives.
Its beginning was pottery as a work of art. Said to be the most magnificent type of ceramic in Japanese history, it was born in the Azuchi Momoyama period (1568-1598) and is known as Momoyamato.

In Tono Gifu Prefecture, with the creativity of the artisans, the pot has been created to represent Japan, such as the leading Japanese pottery, Kiseto, Shino and Oribe. In the Momoyama period during when the culture of tea pottery flourished, Minoyaki continued to be improved upon and has been loved as an art.

Minoyaki is a timeless art passed on through its tradition and technique. With passion, creativity and challenge, artisans work to make a smoother, high-quality and enhanced design, better for practical use. The uniqueness of Minoyaki will lead to the creation of the next generation of pottery.

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H Hall
Soooo cute

I love it. Great size, great design.