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Matcha and Skin Health: Can Matcha Improve Your Skin?

Matcha’s marvelous health benefits can work wonders for your skin. Alongside being a superb natural detoxifier, its rejuvenation qualities entice many health-conscious individuals to start sipping on its delectable ancient goodness.

From its rich ritualistic origins to the counters of any good café, matcha shouldn’t be ignored by anyone wishing to give their body a boost and add a luscious glow to their visage.

How exactly does it work, though? What is it about dried leaves that presents so many health advantages to the skin?

If you wanted to find out more about how it can help your dermatological pursuits and keep your face looking fresh, you’ve come to the right place.

Classy Chlorophyll

Matcha contains chlorophyll, a pigment that’s known to possess some wonderful health benefits such as detoxification, a must for those looking to get their skin cleared up.

Chlorophyll is responsible for making plants nice and healthy, and it tends to do the same for your skin, especially when it’s in lovely matcha.

It’s rich in vitamins, too, enabling you to ply your skin with the C, A, K, and E variants that can naturally rejuvenate your damaged skin.

Mighty Methylxanthine

Another potential wonderous ingredient found in matcha and in chocolate and caffeine, although matcha is likely going to be a healthier source overall, is methylxanthine. This alkaloid may have some great health benefits, too, like making your skin appear to be gleaming in the best possible way.

The alkaloid can stimulate your central nervous system, which in turn, could help your skin appear firmer and richer.

Methylxanthine is naturally occurring in caffeine, but if you wanted to keep your caffeine to a minimum, then swapping your coffee for a mighty matcha is likely going to be your best bet if you want to improve your skin health.

An Anti-Ager

The never-ending quest for younger skin can end up being a monumentally costly endeavor, particularly if the cosmetic industry has its marketing claws stuck right in.

For a natural anti-ager, matcha-based products may be the ideal alternative. Matcha is well-equipped to fend off pesky toxins. It’s packed full of epigallocatechin gallate, which is perhaps better known as just EGCG, a specific type of catechin found in tea that can might prove to be extremely beneficial to your health, skin included.

As an anti-inflammatory agent, matcha could provide you with the defense mechanism your body needs to fend off older-looking skin long before it has a chance to make a proper appearance and throw a downer on your day.

It Takes Many Forms

While matcha tea does tend to take the spotlight, it can take many different forms, allowing you to opt for a version that best suits your needs.

For example, you could think about using it as a toner by rubbing the dried matcha powder on your face, allowing you to skip the go-between and relish in the straight-to-skin contact.

There’s also matcha ice cream, matcha baked goods, and near enough matcha anything, so what are you waiting for? Branch out!

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