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30-day Detox

The ultimate 30-day detox
routine to transform your
body in less time

Obesity, hypertension, food intolerance, and liver problems have something in common: they are heavily influenced by environmental factors. Even if you have a genetic predisposition towards a given disease, the world you live in and what you decide to eat and drink have a major role in your health. That’s why detox is becoming a popular and healthy way to lose weight and maintain the rest of your body in perfect balance.

However, it is not always easy to follow a detox diet because not all of them are adopted to you. It would be easier if you understood what it’s all about and make your changes according to your preferences. And this is exactly what you will get with our 30-day personalized detox program.

If you want to transform your body and enjoy your life to the fullest extent, we will give you the foundations of this 30-day detox routine and how to adopt it to your own goals with a few mind-blowing biohacking tools that will make your path easier still.

General recommendations
to transform your body

The best part of losing weight and living a life free of toxins is that the same principles apply to us all. Thus, you don’t really need to spend excessive money in mentoring and specialized help if you understand the foundations of a healthier lifestyle.

In a nutshell, all scientific evidence and studies point out at three different aspects that will contribute to your wellbeing: diet, exercise and good habits.

You will ultimately transform your body if you achieve a perfectly balanced diet with no environmental toxins, perform daily exercise to sweat away metabolic waste, and follow a smart routine designed according to your goals.

In your 30-day detox program we will give you the foundation of your diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, and three different ways to apply this knowledge according to the results you want to obtain, your time schedule and current state of health.

Healthy food checklist

An appropriate diet to lose weight is not one that makes you starve your way to your perfect body. In this type of diet people go back to eat whatever they want ending up gaining weight once more. So, instead of engaging in very long periods of fasting, include these foods to your grocery store list:

  1. Fruits: They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and most of them provide enough dietary fiber to strip away toxins and favor your digestive system.
  2. Non-starchy vegetables: They have complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, and a high-water content that will keep you satiated for longer. They favor your liver and kidney function to speed up detox. An example of non-starchy veggies you can include in your diet is bean and bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber, spinach, onion, tomato, and much more.
  3. Lean protein: The best sources of protein are free from saturated fats. One of the best examples is fish, but you can also pick a skinless chicken breasts or turkey.
  4. Whole-wheat cereals: If you want to consume cereals and keep a detox diet, be sure to pick natural and not processed cereals. Oats is a good choice, and if you want to include bread in your diet look for whole-wheat alternatives.
  5. Legumes: They are an excellent source of vegan protein, and most legumes provide plenty of dietary fiber.
  6. Healthy oils: Fat is not always bad in a detox diet. An example is olive oil and coconut oil, with proven properties to improve your blood levels of cholesterol.

Blacklisted foods to avoid

The basics of detox is not only about choosing the appropriate foods. There are plenty of environmental toxins and substances that impair the normal function of the liver by slowing down hepatic enzymes. Since every nutrient your body absorbs goes directly to your liver, the best way to keep this organ and the rest of the body clean is by staying away from unhealthy foods. In your 30-day detox try to avoid these ones at all costs:

  1. Processed foods: The thing about processed foods is that most of the times they contain food additives or strip away fresh foods from their best nutrients. Thus, if you want a real detox diet it should be as fresh and natural as possible.
  2. Added sugars: Every time you buy yogurt, oats, granola bars or anything that has a label, look for added sugars and try to avoid them as much as possible. The same goes for high-fructose corn syrup and other processed sweeteners. It may be difficult to cut off added sugars completely, but the recommended upper limit by the American Heart Association is 150 calories a day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons) for males and 100 calories a day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons) for women.
  3. Canned meats and cold cuts: They have many additives, salt, and other substances to increase shelf life that will be anything but friendly to your liver function.
  4. Tuna, mackerel: They are popular picks and usually have high levels of mercury. Be very careful around fish and always prefer salmon, cod, anchovies, sardines, tilapia, shrimp and lobster.
  5. Salad dressing, mayonnaise and similar: If you want extra seasoning, prepare it with fresh ingredients instead of buying a processed dressing. Avoid ketchup, mayonnaise, barbeque, and similar sauces.

What about exercise?

Exercise is a good way to kill toxins, speed up your metabolism, and lose weight at the same time. It has additional effects in your mood as well, and it is an important component of your 30-day detox strategy. Meeting the recommended levels of physical activity is not difficult, but should be made progressively if you lived a sedentary lifestyle for a very long time. Aim at 30 minutes of moderate physical activity or 15 minutes of intense physical activity 5 days a week.

An example of moderate physical activity is walking briskly (at a pace of 3 miles per hour), bicycling at a pace of 10 miles per hour or dancing. Vigorous or intense physical activity includes jumping the rope, running, swimming laps, and hiking uphill. If you have no problems reaching the bare minimum, try to double the recommendations aiming at 1 hour of moderate physical activity or 30 minutes of intense physical activity 5 days a week.

Boost your detox strategy with natural solutions

There are a few extra lifestyle recommendations that go fantastically with a detox diet and exercise. The most critical is sleeping and resting appropriately. Science has uncovered that healthy sleeping habits contribute to a leaner appearance, speed up weight loss, and contributes to clearing the brain from toxins and metabolic waste. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended sleep for adolescents is 8 to 10 hours, for adults it is 7 to 9 hours, and for older adults it is 7 to 8 hours.

But if you want to go one step further, there is something called biohacking, which is basically using nutrients carefully picked and combined to speed up detox and contribute to your new body.

The nutrients we recommend for this 30-day detox plan are as follows:

  1. Pu-erh tea: Contains theabrownin, a substance that contributes to eliminating more cholesterol in your feces and preventing high levels of cholesterol in your blood and fatty liver disease.
  2. Tricolor violet: A herb with potent antioxidant potential that inhibits cancer cells and protects against neurotoxicity in cases of cerebral ischemia.
  3. Dandelion root: With a very high level of potassium, dandelion root is an excellent diuretic. It also displays antioxidant activity and improves blood lipid levels.
  4. Black currant fruit: A potent immunity booster that’s been found to improve body defenses. This function is essential to strip away your body from harmful bacteria and viruses that may compromise your health.
  5. Yerba mate: The leaves of Yerba mate have been known to increase the production of energy and favor weight loss. It is a stimulant if you ever feel fatigue, and reduces your blood levels of bad cholesterol.
  6. Peppermint: Additional to the anti-inflammatory activity of peppermint, this herb has been found to modulate the activity of liver enzymes. In doing so, it speeds up liver detox and improves hepatic health.
  7. Buckthorn fruits: This herb has impressive health applications for a detox diet, including anti-stress, anti-atherogenic, hepatoprotective and anti-microbial activity.
  8. Nettle leaves: A powerful antioxidant with antimicrobial activity that’s been proven to protect the liver from oxidative damage and enhance the enzymatic function of this organ.
Since we know how difficult it is to find all of these herbs and using them every day, we are including all of these extracts and more in our detox tea Made by Earth 30-day Detox Tea. Since everybody is different and you need individual advise according to your health problems, be sure to talk to your physician before starting to use Made by Earth 30-day Detox Tea every day. By drinking this tea throughout your 30-day detox strategy, you will be completing the circle and speeding up your results to obtain that lean and healthy body you’ve always wanted to show.

Create your own 30-day detox program

Based on the foundations we laid in this article, there are different ways to start your 30-day detox program. You could choose between a light, medium or heavy detox depending on how much weight you want to lose and whether or not you’re trying to quit unhealthy habits such as cigarette smoking and heavy drinking.

In any case, try to make progressive changes you’re comfortable with instead trying of drastic and violent modifications you won’t be able to maintain. You can also come up with your own strategy or mix a few components of these model detox programs as long as it includes all of the foundation steps we mentioned above.

General (light) detox

Light or general detox is appropriate if you have no health problems, no obesity or overweight, and just want to stay lean and prevent chronic disease.

  1. Dietary recommendations: Follow the basic recommendations we listed above. Try to replace red meat for fish with low mercury levels, include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and avoid processed foods.
  2. Exercise routine: Try to meet the minimum 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise for 5 days a week. Keep in mind the importance of at least 2 days of bodyweight exercises. If you’re healthy you will have no problems achieving this minimum, but if you’ve never engaged in physical activity, do it progressively to avoid muscle soreness.
  3. Habits and lifestyle: Be sure to sleep appropriately and take a walk every morning around your block to align your circadian rhythm through early morning sun exposure. Drink your Made by Earth 30-day Detox Tea twice a day with your meal.

Medium detox

A medium detox strategy is recommended for patients who are trying to lose some weight or already have any cardiovascular or metabolic risk lurking around the corner.

  1. Dietary recommendations: Besides the basic recommendations we mentioned above, include specialized detox fruits and vegetables such as spinach, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, cucumber and coriander.
  2. Exercise routine: Try to meet one hour of physical activity 5 days a week, with at least 2 days of bodyweight exercises. Doing this might be a bit challenging, but remember the importance of doing it progressively. Start with 15 minutes and make the progression adding 15 extra minutes every day if there’s no muscle soreness the day after.
  3. Habits and lifestyle: Sleep appropriately, go for a morning jog every day, and drink your Made by Earth 30-day Detox Tea twice a day with your meal.

Heavy detox

If you want rapid results, want to prepare your body for a special occasion, and if you’re trying to quit harmful habits such as illegal drugs or tobacco smoking, a heavy detox is probably the most appropriate for you.

  1. Dietary recommendations: In a heavy detox it is very important to include green leafy vegetables as the main part of your afternoon meal and dinner. Be sure to include at least two portions a day of pineapple, grapefruit, papaya, blueberries or strawberries.
  2. Exercise routine: For faster results you need to combine resistance training and aerobic training every day, at least 5 days a week. The best resistance training for a heavy detox routine is no longer bodyweight training but weightlifting. That doesn’t mean you should lift very heavy weight or become muscular if you don’t want to.
  3. Habits and lifestyle: Sleep appropriately, go for a morning jog every day, and drink your Made by Earth 30-day Detox Tea twice a day with your meal.

Losing weight is not always easy, and every organism has a different reaction to the same set of exercises. So, try not to compare your results with others and keep it up at your pace and making long-lasting modifications you’re comfortable with. After doing this for 30 days you will see a major change in your body, and will probably want to keep up the pace to feel healthier and more attractive than ever.


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