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Elevate your tea-time experience with this charming Japanese Ippuku-wan Tea Cup and saucer set, a fusion of tradition and modern elegance. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted from ceramic, ensuring not only beauty but also functionality and durability for everyday use.

The Ippuku-wan Tea Cup, deriving its name from the Japanese term 'ippuku' which means "a cup of tea" or "a moment of tea," is a vessel designed to enhance the ritual of tea drinking.

The Ippuku-wan Tea Cup is typically used for enjoying Japanese green teas, such as sencha or matcha, but its versatility allows it to be suitable for various types of brews. The dimensions of the tea cup—3.15 inches in diameter and 2.76 inches in height—make it ideal for holding the right amount of tea, while the saucer, measuring 5.91 by 4.72 inches with a height of 0.79 inches, complements the cup and adds to the overall tea-drinking experience.

🌱Choose from our selection to suit your needs:🌱

1. Single Ippuku-wan Tea Cup with Saucer: Ideal for personal reflection, this tea cup measures 3.15 inches in diameter and 2.76 inches in height, paired with a saucer of 5.91 by 4.72 inches and a height of 0.79 inches.

2. Pair of Ippuku-wan Tea Cups with Saucers: Share a moment with a friend or loved one, with two cups and saucers made to the same thoughtful dimensions.

3. Set of Four Ippuku-wan Tea Cups with Saucers: Perfect for a small gathering, this set ensures each guest enjoys their tea in style.

4. Two Ippuku-wan Tea Cups with Saucers and a Japanese Kyusu Teapot: Elevate your tea experience with this set featuring a charming pink Kyusu teapot adorned with pretty white flowers. The teapot, with its integrated filter, makes brewing effortless and holds approximately 9.47 ounces (280 ml), ensuring a delightful tea service for two.

Our collection takes pride in its hand-crafted nature, using only the finest materials and specially formulated glazes. The attention to detail is evident in every curve and finish, promising a unique piece that stands out in both design and quality.

This set is designed to meet the demands of modern living, being safe for use with food, as well as dishwasher and microwave friendly. However, to maintain its exquisite appearance, we recommend washing by hand and handling with care.

Embrace the blend of Japanese inspiration and contemporary craftsmanship with this exquisite ceramic tea cup and saucer set— an artful addition to any home or a thoughtful gift for the discerning connoisseur.

🌱How to Make Delicious Tea: Traditional Japanese Tea Recipes🌱

Sencha - Vibrant Green Tea [Using Slightly Hot Water]
Get high quality Japanese Sencha in our store:

- Sencha Tea Leaves: 2 teaspoons (about 4g)
- Water: 6.8 fl oz (200ml)
- Teapot and Teacup

1. Place 2 teaspoons (about 4g) of sencha tea leaves in the teapot.
2. Heat water to around 176°F (80°C).
3. Pour the hot water into the teapot and then immediately transfer it to a teacup to adjust the temperature.
4. Pour the cooled-down water from the teacup back into the teapot.
5. Gradually pour the water from the teapot into the teacup, allowing the tea to steep.
6. Steep for 60 to 90 seconds.
7. Carefully pour the tea from the teapot into the teacup, making sure to squeeze out every last drop.
8. For regular sencha, you can directly pour hot water from the kettle into the teapot.

Pro Tips:
For higher-grade sencha, use a lower water temperature (around 158°F or 70°C) to bring out more umami flavors.
For regular sencha, a water temperature between 176°F to 194°F (80°C to 90°C) works well.

🌱Deep-Steamed Sencha - Rich and Aromatic Green Tea [Shorter Steeping Time]🌱

- Deep-Steamed Sencha Tea Leaves: About 2 teaspoons (about 4g)
- Water: 6.8 fl oz (200ml)
- Teapot and Teacup

1. Place about 2 teaspoons (about 4g) of deep-steamed sencha tea leaves in the teapot.
2. Allow the boiled water to cool slightly, around 158°F (70°C).
3. Pour the cooled water into the teapot.
4. Steep the tea for about 30 seconds.
5. Gradually pour the steeped tea from the teapot into the teacup.
6. Squeeze out the last drops of tea and enjoy the rich aroma and flavor.

🌱Gyokuro - Premium Shade-Grown Green Tea [Slow Infusion at Low Temperature]🌱

- Gyokuro Tea Leaves: 3 teaspoons (about 6g)
- Water: 6.8 fl oz (200ml)
- Teacup, Teapot, and Another Teacup

1. Pour hot water into the teacup and then transfer it to the teapot to warm it up.
2. Prepare the Gyokuro tea leaves (about 6g).
3. Heat the water to around 176°F (80°C).
4. Pour the warm water from the teapot into another teacup.
5. Transfer the water from the other teacup to the kyusu (teapot), then transfer it again to another teacup for cooling.
6. Place the Gyokuro tea leaves in the kyusu.
7. Pour the cooled-down water from the other teacup into the kyusu.
8. Steep the tea for 2 minutes.
9. Carefully pour the tea into the teacup, making sure to squeeze out every drop.

Enjoy your exquisite Japanese tea experience with these traditional recipes!

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